Unapologetically Yours: Embrace Your Unique Home

Hey gang! Amanda here, your resident biotech-nerd-turned-interior-designer. If there’s one issue I encounter all the time, it’s this overwhelming worry my clients have about what other people will think of their home décor choices. Let’s talk about why your home should be about YOU and no one else.

When I transitioned from biotech to interior design, I carried with me a love for precision and creativity. But something that baffled me was how often clients hesitated, paralyzed by the fear of judgment. They'd ask, “Do you like it?” or “Is this trendy?” I’m here to tell you, stop worrying about what others think!

Your home is your sanctuary. It should reflect your personality, quirks, and passions. Love vibrant colors? Splash them across your walls! Fan of quirky, eclectic furniture? Embrace it! Design should be fluid. The best guideline you should follow is: does it make YOU happy?

All too many times I've watched a client find a statement piece that makes them giddy but they need validation so they bring a friend back to approve. When the friend poo poos the purchase, the client is sooooo disappointed and buys something their friend likes instead. A home should be a mirror of who you are. So, if you adore that neon pink couch or that eclectic art piece that doesn’t match anything else, own it. Rock it with pride because it’s a part of what makes your space uniquely yours.

Confidence in your choices is a must. Imagine walking into your living room and feeling a rush of joy because everything in it is something you love, not something others approve of. That’s the ultimate goal.